Tim Hawkins Creates Hilarious Atheist Kid's Songs

Tim Hawkins Creates Hilarious Atheist Kid's Songs

Christian comedian Tim Hawkins hilariously ponders whether atheist churches sing worship songs.

Tim Hawkins is known for his funny parodies and comedic sketches such as ‘Cletus Take The Wheel’ and ‘The Chick-fil-A Song.’ Tim never fails to disappoint at taking popular songs or pop culture references and adapting them to make the struggles of life a little funnier.

In fact, he’s garnered over 200 million views across social media and still remains relevant today. Since 2002, Tim has released multiple DVDs, CDs, and countless videos on YouTube and Facebook.

Today, we’re looking back at one of his most popular sketches of all time. He started by saying, “I was reading this thing in the news several months ago and it’s a news story talking about the existence of atheist mega churches.”

This led Tim down a funny path. He thought to himself, “What do you do you there? Do you sing worship songs at an atheist church?” And if they do sing, what are the lyrics to the songs?

Tim decided to try his hand at some potential worship songs that could be included in the atheist worship service. And when you hear some of these lyrics, you’ll be doubled over in laughter. Like, “Shout to the void on the Earth, let us sing” or his hilarious remake of ‘Jesus Loves The Little Children.’ Tim always has a way of turning something bizarre into the funniest sketch.

Who else is hoping for an updated sequel to this hilarious skit?

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