Simon Cowell Made Fun of This Gospel Singer And Then Was Blown Away

Simon Cowell Made Fun of This Gospel Singer And Then Was Blown Away

Check out this audition on Britain’s Got Talent where Simon Cowell made fun of a Gospel singer but then was completely blown away by his act.

Patrick George is a pastor, and when he introduced himself on the BGT stage, Simon was a little confused.

“What’s the act, Patrick?” Simon says. “I’m a gospel choir,” says Patrick.

“Just you?” says Simon. “Yes, I am a choir,” Patrick replies.

“Did you eat them?” Simon says jokingly, but the audience did not find the rude joke funny.

“Well, where’s the rest? Where is the rest of them?” Simon responds.

Patrick starts licking his fingers like he is mimicking that he just ate. And the audience laughs and starts to cheer for him and the response that he gave Simon.

Soon after that, choir members start to pop out from all over the theater! They start singing on the balconies and come out from backstage, until they are all onstage together singing beautifully.

“I open my mouth to the Lord, and I won’t turn back. I will go! I shall go! To see what the end’s going be.”

The talented choir is called Gospel Singers Incognito. And the sopranos, altos, tenors, and basses all use their voices to make such a beautiful sound of praise together on stage! And after they finished the song, the whole room erupted in applause!

“That was incredible. My heart is still pounding,” says Alesha after the performance. “It was moving as well. I wouldn’t have changed anything about it, it was just perfect. Beautiful!”

“Guys, I thought you were absolutely fantastic, seriously fantastic,” shares Simon. “I’ve gotta tell you, you’re one of the best choirs we’ve had on this show. If not the best.”

What high praise from the judges! No wonder this marvelous group got all 4 yeses after their audition!

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