Forgiven (A Christ Church of the Heartland Production)

Forgiven (A Christ Church of the Heartland Production)

This video (minus the intro and exit by our Pastor Zack Strong) was used as the culmination to a powerful illustrated sermon. It follows a trilogy of tales that involve forgiveness on three levels. We all need to be forgiven, and many of us need to forgive others. If you know anyone struggling with forgiveness, send them this link and I believe they will be touched. It includes the incredible song "Here" by Kari Jobe at it's conclusion. Thanks again to Randy McWilson and team for their excellent work as videographer and editing. I may see it, and write it, and love to act it out but without you guys it would not happen. Special shout-outs to Matt Fluegge (for his amazing audio), Tonya Swartz, Dennis Pennington, Terry and Janet Robison (for their great work on the score).

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