Todd Bentley: Messenger of God? part 2

Todd Bentley has been a leader in the &quot;Lakeland Revival&quot; currently being heralded as a great move of God. Analysis of Bentley and what he preaches show that he is not what he claims.<br />

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The analysis this video provides is in relation to his explanation of a supernatural encounter he had. Critical analysis of the encounter shows that he not only did not use biblical instruction to &quot;test the spirits&quot; but that the encounter was not of God. His &quot;encounter&quot; matches ufo abduction testimonials and seems to be more of a &quot;close encounter&quot; than one with God. And those have proven to be satanic/demonic at their core.<br />
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So the big question is can a man who has occultic/demonic encounters and claiming they are of God be teaching Truth? I think these videos will show that his message is not of God as is this &quot;revival&quot; of false signs and wonders.

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