All sickness and pain are from the devil

The last 5-6 years my mom went on dialysis, broke her leg twice, both legs were amputated, in and out of the hospital the last two years, the devil couldn't break her soul. Not once she let go of Jesus, she kept her faith, stayed loyal to her church no matter what and never turned her back on Jesus.
Walk and follow Jesus with your mind, heart and soul, cast your burdens and troubles unto Jesus and he will take them away, talk or pray to Jesus every day
and get stronger and closer to him, he knows your every thought and hears every word, ask and ye shall receive, you may lose faith in man, never lose faith
in Jesus.
Jesus answered are prays, we prayed to heal my mom, he healed her and not only that, he took her to a better place, no docter or no man on earth could do that,
Thank You Jesus.

"Walk a tightrope with Jesus, he will always be there when you lose your balance and feel like your
going to fall" R.I.P Dec14/11

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