Talented Young Woman Earns 4-Chair Turn With Powerful Rendition Of 'Stand By Me'

Talented Young Woman Earns 4-Chair Turn With Powerful Rendition Of 'Stand By Me'

An incredibly talented young woman appeared on The Voice and wowed the judges and the studio audience with her powerful rendition of “Stand by Me.”

Classic songs, movies and television shows are beloved for a reason. They all have the ability to instantly transport us to a different time and place, causing an immediate feeling of nostalgia. Those special pieces of media mean something to us, and we don’t want to see them tinkered or toyed with at all. 

However, sometimes a little reinvention and change aren’t all bad. Look at all the recent popular reboots of old television shows. Several of them like “Fuller House,” “Frasier” and “The Conners” are popular, still managing to get people to tune in regularly. 

In a clip posted on YouTube, 21-year-old musician Madison Curbelo performed a reimagined and updated version of the timeless classic “Stand by Me.” Her version of the song and voice are outstanding, entirely deserving of the 4-chair turn she received for her blind audition.

About 15 seconds into her audition, John Legend was convinced of Madison’s talent and slammed his button for the young woman. Dan + Shay are close behind, turning their chair for the musician. Then came Chance the Rapper, followed lastly by Reba McEntire.

Madison’s version was so terrific because she infused it with a slightly different sound and sang some of the lyrics in Spanish. Those slight changes helped to make the song her own, something every musician wants to do. 

Those who are big fans of the original are likely to be pleased with Madison’s version. It’s not a replica of the original. It’s different, and anyone and everyone ought to be able to appreciate Madison’s efforts in tackling a beloved song like “Stand by Me.”

This young woman is likely to go far in the competition!

Ephesians 5:19 “Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord;”

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