Candace Cameron Bure And Kirk Cameron Share Insights On The Power Of Prayer

Candace Cameron Bure And Kirk Cameron Share Insights On The Power Of Prayer

Kirk Cameron and his little sister Candace Cameron Bure shared their thoughts and insights about the importance and power of prayer.

Praying to God is a vital and necessary component of being a Christian. Consistent and honest communication is a must for any relationship to grow and prosper, and that includes our relationship with the Creator of the universe. Through this act of communicating with the Lord, we grow in knowledge and the wisdom of God. 

In a clip posted on YouTube, Candace and Kirk point out how and when Christians should reach out to God and why it’s such an important act. Sometimes, as Candace points out, it’s not even about what we say while praying but simply that act of praying that is important.

“God doesn’t always answer prayers the way we want Him to,” Candace said. “But it’s so important because it not only connects us to Him, but it’s just saying, ‘Lord, I am dependent upon you no matter, no matter what happens.”’

Also, in the segment, Candace admits that while she enjoys praying and conversing with God, she is someone who will not volunteer to pray out loud at big gatherings.

“I am not one of these spiritual super powerhouse prayer people verbally,” she said. “Like, I love praying, but, you know, I’m not going to stand up and say, ‘Let me pray for all of you,’ because, you know, I don’t feel as confident in that.”

However, despite her apprehension about praying at large gatherings, Candace says that she's seen God answer prayers repeatedly throughout her life.

“But I pray so much and I see God answer so many things, to the smallest, tiny things, and sometimes really big things,” she added. 

Prayer is something that followers of Christ should be engaged in daily. He wants to hear from us and know what’s weighing on our hearts and minds. 

Romans 12:12 “Being glad in hope, quiet in trouble, at all times given to prayer,”

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