Kodi Lee Lyric Video For ‘Journey Of You And I’

Kodi Lee Lyric Video For ‘Journey Of You And I’

A gifted musician and an America’s Got Talent favorite, Kodi Lee, has written a stunningly original song and released the official lyric video for his new tune, “Journey of You and I.”

Mothers are a special group of individuals. They are often selfless people, willing to sacrifice their wants, needs and desires for that of their children. It takes quite a person to raise a child and give them all the love and care they require. 

To adequately thank mothers for all they do and give would require much more than a single day out of the year. Moms should be thanked regularly for what they provide and do for their children. 

Kodi has found a sweet and wholly unique way to thank his mother for what she has done for him. He wrote and dedicated a song to her, “Journey of You and I.” It’s a lovely, catchy and tear-jerking tune. It will cause you to reflect and think about your mother, possibly causing you to shed a tear or two. 

In a clip posted on YouTube, Kodi’s beautifully written words are captured and displayed in the song’s official lyric video. 

“Built me up to overcome all the doubt with your love
Always right by my side
Pushed me to keep on dreamin’
Thank you for just believin’”

In the video’s description, Kodi posted a sweet dedication to his mother, once again thanking her for all she has done for him.

“This song is dedicated to my mom, for always being there for me throughout my life,” Kodi writes. “Her selfless devotion has made me who I am today. Thank you mom, and to all other loved ones out there that has supported your children’s dreams.”

Kodi has been blessed with a wonderful mother. Every time he appears on America’s Got Talent, she is faithfully by his side, always looking on with much love, care and compassion in her eyes. 

Proverbs 6:20 “My son, keep the rule of your father, and have in memory the teaching of your mother:”

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