Emotional Moment Between Bride And Her Father Ahead Of Wedding

Emotional Moment Between Bride And Her Father Ahead Of Wedding

This video is absolutely precious! 

A bride is standing in the church, all ready for her big day, and her dad sees her for the first time. He turns around and you can see the love and pride on his face. 

He starts by saying, “Sweetheart, you are probably the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. I am so proud of you.”

He continues to talk about how he needs to be strong that night and how he has some things planned. 

However, the most precious thing he says is towards the end of the video when he comments, “You’re beautiful. But you’ll always be my little girl, okay? You’ll always be my little girl.” He chokes up a little bit as he tries to get his words out. 

He then goes on to say, “Nothing’s going to change. I’m going to always say my little girl and they’re going to say, how little is she? I’m going to say she’s 45 years old. You’re always going to be my little girl.”

The bride then hugs him and says, “I love you Dad” and the video ends. 

There is something so important about a Dad’s relationship with his daughter, no matter how old the daughter is. 

A wedding is an emotional time for a father and a daughter. Life is changing and she is starting a new season of her life. He is watching his little girl grow up and start her own household. There is so much emotion involved with that.

It is so great to see a Dad loving on his daughter, but also assuring her he will always be there for her, no matter how old she gets. The bride is truly blessed to have a father who loves her so much. 

“Honor your father and your mother: that your days may be long on the land which the LORD your God gives you.” - Exodus 20:12

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