Precious 2-Year-Old Girl Already Has A Busy Social Life

Precious 2-Year-Old Girl Already Has A Busy Social Life

One sweet young woman hilariously informed her father about her busy and burgeoning social life, much to her dad’s dismay.

Being a parent is one of the greatest blessings that one can experience. Whether through birth or adoption, welcoming a new person into the family is always fun and exciting. Every parent wants their child to remain little for as long as possible. Most parents would probably prefer it if their children remained that way for an extended period.

However, unfortunately, children have a nasty habit of growing up, moving out and getting their own lives, separate from mom and dad. That’s why parents must cherish and enjoy those precious childhood moments. They are fleeting and gone within the blink of an eye. One father was hilariously reminded that children don’t stay little forever. 

In a clip posted on YouTube, a father and his cute 2-year-old daughter are lounging on a bed. The father peers up at his little girl as she puts a cell phone to her ear. Dad is concerned and wants to know who is on the phone with her. The answer she gives him does not make him feel any better.

The child tells her dad she is “talking to Dallas,” who is her boyfriend. Her father is confused because he thought she was conversing with someone named Jack. Sadly, Jack and the little girl’s relationship has run its course, and they have since broken up.

“You’re already onto the next one,” the father says. “I did not even think that we would even have these kinds of problems at your age.”

She informs her dad that she is a “twonanger.”

Dad grabs the phone and informs Dallas that he cannot and should not be dating his daughter. The little girl, embarrassed by her father’s stern tone on the phone, puts her hand on his mouth to stop him from saying anything else.

What a hilarious and sweet video that shows all children grow up too fast. It’s an excellent reminder that moms and dads must cherish the time with their children. 

Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

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