8-Year-Old Girl's Quick Actions Keep Her And Little Sister Safe During Carjacking

8-Year-Old Girl's Quick Actions Keep Her And Little Sister Safe During Carjacking

This is a story of genuine heroism. An 8-year-old girl’s quick actions keep her and her little sister safe during a carjacking.

In this report, we see a picture of a precious family of four. There is an 8-year-old with a 2-year-old younger sister seen in the photo. Everyone, thankfully, is safe and ok. 

However, the heartwrenching voicemail comes to the mother that the girls need her help because they lost their dad. They were simply in a car wash when someone came in and hijacked their car. You hear the father’s call to the police, explaining that someone stole his car with his two kids in the car. This is a moment that no parent ever wants to encounter. 

Adam Jorgenson was just getting out of his car to dry it, and a man came up to ask for directions. Suddenly, he heard the car take off with his children in it. The young girl says that the thief noticed that she was in the car and told her to get out, but she innocently asked, “What about my sister?” The hijacker had not noticed that there were two girls in the car. He ended up leaving the girls in the car and fled the scene a mile away. Charlie saw her dad’s phone and called her mother. The mom was so emotional in the interview and was very thankful they were okay. Everyone celebrates the girl’s bravery in the situation.

This is a moment that reminds us that evil exists and sin is, unfortunately, in the world. We always need to be prayerful and be on our guard.

Praise God that none of those children were injured during the frightening ordeal. 

“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8

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