5-Year-Old Calls 911 With A Fast Food Emergency And Police Officer Delivers

5-Year-Old Calls 911 With A Fast Food Emergency And Police Officer Delivers

5-year-old Charlie wanted a Happy Meal. So he called 911 to order one.

When he called he said, “Hi. Is this McDonald’s?” 

The 911 operator replied, “No. This is the Mesa Police Department.” He then asked Charlie, “Do you have an emergency?”

Charlie responded, “Can I get one Mc-Happy Meal?”

The operator asked, “A happy meal?” 

Then Charlie said, “Okay. Bye.” 

“We were completely surprised and a little embarrassed,” Charlie’s mom told the reporter, as most parents would be.

The officer told them they would still need to send an officer out for a welfare check. When the officer arrived though, he had a big surprise for Charlie. He finally got his Happy Meal!

Many in the comments of this YouTube video loved that the officer brought Charlie a Happy Meal. 

“Gosh, I love this!  The fact the officer brought him the happy meal made my heart melt!”

“That’s how life should work, Koodos to all who made this little guys happy meal a reality”

“What an awesome operator and police officer!! Way too often calls like these get shrugged off & I get that it's the emergency line, however it was so sweet and thoughtful of the cop to go out of his way to bring that little boy something to smile about. Way to go Mesa PD!!”

While it isn’t a good thing for a child to be calling 911 for no reason, this is a pretty heartwarming story. Charlie wanted a Happy Meal and felt he could trust calling 911 to get one. Who hasn’t had a food emergency at least once in their life?

I am sure Charlie’s parents had a nice long talk with him about calling 911 like he did. But I also hope he very much enjoyed his Happy Meal. He was so excited to get one. 

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