Betty White Surprises Johnny Carson With An Elephant

Betty White Surprises Johnny Carson With An Elephant

The legendary Betty White surprised Johnny Carson with an elephant during an appearance on The Tonight Show.

Arguably, no actor, musician or athlete is more beloved than the late Betty White. From Hot in Cleveland to The Golden Girls to her many film roles, she kept audiences laughing for decades. Her quick, lightning-fast wit and sweet personality were big reasons why she was beloved by so many.

In a clip posted on YouTube, Betty puts her quick wit, charming and winning personality on full display during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. The clip is extraordinary because it contains two of the funniest people to have ever worked in entertainment: Betty White and Johnny Carson.

The segment begins with Betty sitting down with Johnny for a little conversation. Despite being legends in the entertainment world, Betty and Johnny admit they still got nervous before shows and performances. She added that the longer she was in show business, the worse her nervousness would get. 

However, there are creatures that Betty never seems to get nervous or anxious around: animals. She added that she had recently filmed a special with a group of animals. And much to Johnny’s surprise, Betty brought one of her animal co-stars.

Before a commercial break, Betty keeps Johnny in the dark about the animal. She never says what animal she has brought with her. 

The rest of the segment is Betty and Johnny interacting with a baby elephant. Amazingly, the elephant knows tricks and responds to Betty’s commands.

Hilariously, the elephant gives Johnny a difficult time. The animal uses its trunk to grab Johnny and throw him around. Johnny, who seemed to get along with anyone and everyone, didn’t seem too pleased with this guest. 

Eventually, Johnny gets his fill of the baby elephant and heads back to his desk where it’s safe.

Proverbs 12:10 “An upright man has thought for the life of his beast, but the hearts of evildoers are cruel.”

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