Alligator Hysterically Flees from Barking Dog In Funny Encounter

An alligator immediately and hysterically fled from a barking dog in what made for a laugh-out-loud, funny encounter.

Animals are unique and fascinating creatures. As pet owners already know, all animals have unique personalities, habits and quirks. No two dogs, cats or rabbits will act the same. There will always be differences in how they act and do things. 

These differences can and will present themselves in several ways. Some cats fear their own shadows, flinching and jumping at every little possible disturbance, real or imagined. On the other hand, some felines have relatively little fear. Having little to no fear is the case for one brave pup.

A short video posted on social media shows what is likely one of the most frightening sights a homeowner can witness: an alligator waiting right outside their door. Seeing something like that would cause most people to flee, screaming in the other direction and placing a for-sale sign in their yard. 

No one wants to tangle with an alligator!

However, the dog in the clip, a brave beagle, did not seem to be the least bit frightened by the scaly and ferocious creature’s presence. The dog runs up to the screen, spots the alligator and starts barking loudly at the giant reptile.

The canine knows this is its territory and will do what it can to protect it. But the dog doesn’t have to put up much of a fight. Right after the dog starts barking, the alligator literally hightails it in the other direction. It moves so fast that it’s kind of surprising that it did not leave a trail of smoke, much like cartoon characters do when they move swiftly.

That alligator wanted nothing to do with the dog and continued moving with considerable speed, even when safely away from the canine’s bark. 

Proverbs 12:10 “An upright man has thought for the life of his beast, but the hearts of evildoers are cruel.”

Source: ViralHog

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