Gardiner Brothers Amaze with Mesmerizing Dance to AC/DC's 'Thunderstruck'

Gardiner Brothers Amaze with Mesmerizing Dance to AC/DC's 'Thunderstruck'

The incredibly talented Gardiner Brothers have once again amazed audiences with a mesmerizing and quick-footed dance routine to AC/DC’s beloved classic “Thunderstruck.”

Dance has to be the most challenging art form to perfect and master. Both painting and filmmaking require talent, an eye for detail, an extensive amount of time and patience. Anyone who has worked on a movie or television show or attempted to complete any artwork understands that statement to be 100 % true.

However, dance takes things one step further (no pun intended). To be even a moderately adequate, passable dancer requires everything that painting and filmmaking do. But dance is a very physical activity requiring much movement and coordination. One must be a very athletic person in order to become a dancer. A clumsy and uncoordinated individual probably won’t succeed in the world of dance.

That is precisely what always makes the Gardiner Brothers’ dance routines so mesmerizing and captivating. Those two young men move their feet and legs at a rapid-fire pace and always do so in perfect synchronization with one another. They are seemingly never out of step with the other.

In a clip posted on social media, Mike and Matthew show off their fancy footwork again, this time set to the AC/DC classic “Thunderstruck.” Anyone familiar with the tune knows how energetic, upbeat and fast-paced that song is and that guys move their feet and legs in a way that perfectly matches the song’s tempo.

The guys move along the sidewalk, with the famous Sydney Opera House behind them. In the background, viewers can see a crowd of people behind the guys capturing the captivating performance on their phones.

The Gardiner Brothers are supremely talented individuals, and this video once again confirms this. It’s a routine that you’ll want to watch repeatedly.

Psalm 149:3 “Let them give praise to his name in the dance: let them make melody to him with instruments of brass and corded instruments of music.”

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