Comedian's Hysterical Take On Pilot Accents And Boarding Procedures

Comedian's Hysterical Take On Pilot Accents And Boarding Procedures

A comedian, Brian Scott McFadden, gave his hysterical take on the accents most pilots seem to have and the crazy and insane boarding procedures of airlines.

Everyone loves going on vacation. Who doesn’t love escaping real life for a week or so and jetting off to a tropical paradise? Once we reach our destination, it’s nothing but rest and relaxation until it’s time to leave and return to reality.

The only downside to going on vacation is traveling to the destination. As everyone knows, that can be a hassle and lead to some of the biggest migraines you’ll ever experience. This is especially true if your chosen mode of transportation is flying.

In a clip posted on YouTube, Brian talks about the accents of most pilots. He states that they all seem to have what he describes as a Midwestern accent. It’s calm, reassuring and confident. That’s precisely how you want the pilot to sound, right? Everyone wants someone flying the plane to sound like they are in total control of the situation. 

Then he switches things up a little. He reimagines what a pilot might sound like and say if they had a New York or New Jersey accent. Moments into this bit, Brian has the entire audience rolling with laughter.

He claims that a New York accent wouldn’t work as a pilot because it’s not the most soothing one in the world. Also, as Brian hilariously demonstrates in the clip, New Yorkers tend to be more brusque, blunt and straightforward than you’d want a pilot to be. 

He also includes a few hysterical jokes about how airlines allow people to board the aircraft. He claims that airlines separate passengers by class with their oddly named membership groups.

Brian’s stand-up bit is so hilarious because it’s so relatable. Everyone who has ever flown on a plane knows and understands exactly what he is talking about.

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