Bass Singer Performs Chilling Rendition Of 'House Of The Rising Sun'

Bass Singer Performs Chilling Rendition Of 'House Of The Rising Sun'

Listen to this talented bass singer perform a chilling rendition of the song ‘House of The Rising Sun’ by the Animals.

“There is a house way down in New Orleans, they call the Rising Sun
And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy, and God I know I'm one
Mother was a tailor, yeah, yeah, sewed my Levi jeans
My father was a gamblin' man, yeah, yeah, down, way down in New Orleans”

The singer’s name is Geoff Castellucci and he has such a clear, deep voice. The notes that he hits are so low and yet it seems like he can reach them with much ease. What an incredible talent he has!

The video shows Geoff singing in a room holding a lighter with a single flame burning. Then the video shows him in multiple places on the screen, and he is singing all the different parts of the song. Each part sounds great, and the harmonies with himself are wonderful. What a unique rendition of this popular song!

“House of the Rising Sun" is a folk/blues song of mysterious origin,” Geoff writes in the caption of his YouTube video. “It seems to have popped up all over the world throughout history and over time has become the melody we know and love today. I hope you enjoyed this bass-ier version of it. Thanks for watching!”

On YouTube, Geoff has many fans that look forward to when he shares new music with them online.

“Seeing a new upload from you always makes my day better. And just listening to your music on repeat is soothing to my soul,” writes one fan online. “I just want to say thank you for all the great music you have produced for us to enjoy.”

“Seriously, outstanding. This is the latest of your songs that I play on repeat,” comments another person. “Yet again another version of another song, that seriously outshines all the rest. You are a truly amazing artist who produces work that is by far some of the best music I have heard.”

We hope that you enjoyed listening to Geoff’s take on this old classic!

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