The Skit Guys Share Thought-Provoking Message About God With A Deck Of Cards

The Skit Guys Share Thought-Provoking Message About God With A Deck Of Cards

This is an inspiring video clip. The Skit Guys share a thought-provoking message about God with a deck of cards

The Skit Guy begins by asking, “Have you ever thought about the hand you have been dealt? Have you ever thought of your life as if it were a deck of cards?” 

He shares that some people would be happy with their decks. However, others would wish that they would be able to trade in for other cards. He shares that we can easily base our identity on the cards that we like, but try to hide the ones we don’t like.

He poses the question, “Why would God give me these cards?” He begins to show some hard cards with labels like addiction, depression, abuse, and death. He states, “but then there are cards of good moments.” He says, “It is a sad truth, but we really care what other people really think of us.”

He shares that we want to show just our good cards, but God wants to use the hard cards as well as the good cards. He challenges the viewer to not hide their cards, but to be all in. 

As he begins to vulnerably share some hard cards: “Bald at 21,” “Dad dies of AIDS,” “Wife had a miscarriage,” then some happy cards: “Today has two beautiful daughters,” and “Uses gifts and talents to honor God.” 

This Skit Gguy’s vulnerability and authenticity go a long way. It reminds us of the hard truth that we are all broken and far from perfect, however, Christ died for us and we can have freedom in Him. He can even use our stories to share the gospel to others, the beautiful and the difficult.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28

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