Man's Intense Reactions To Football Game Turned Into Hilarious Bingo Game By Wife

If your spouse loves football, take cues from this wife. She created a fun bingo card based on her husband’s reactions during a football game. 

Mackenzie Waters has been watching her husband Justin watch so much football over the years, she knows his every reaction. Justin is a big Cowboys fan and things can get intense during games. 

Mackenzie made a bingo card filled with his different reactions. You can see reactions such as “quiet clap,” “first down gesture,” “slowly falls back,” “head tilt,” and one of the favorites, “goes down the hall.” You can watch in the video as she starts to mark each of the reactions as he does them. 

Towards the end of the video, she gets a bingo! 

The video went viral for the couple and now has over 26 million views. You can tell from the comments that the public loved what this wife did. It’s a great way for someone to support their spouse in doing something they love.

One commenter says, “this is actually really cute. you've spent so much time watching him enjoy football that you picked up on all his moves” and another states, “Thanks for being a great wife and letting him have his moments, and having your fun at the same time. Well done miss. He’s lucky to have you.”

It isn’t clear in the video how much Mackenzie loves football herself but she has been around her husband enough to be able to predict his different moves during a game. She turned that into something fun for her to do and something that put a smile on the public’s face when she shared it with the world. 

“Live joyfully with the wife whom you love all the days of the life of your vanity, which he has given you under the sun, all the days of your vanity: for that is your portion in this life, and in your labor which you take under the sun.” - Ecclesiastes 9:9

Source: TikTok

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