Comedian Tim Hawkins's Hilarious Tune About The Junk Drawer

Comedian Tim Hawkins's Hilarious Tune About The Junk Drawer

Christian comedian Tim Hawkins has released a hysterical song about something we all have in our house somewhere: the much-despised junk drawer.

Everyone, whether they want to admit it, is a hoarder. It may not be to a degree where specialists must be called in to assist in cleaning up the mess. However, nearly everyone holds on to things, for one reason or another, that they do not need. 

As everyone knows, these useless but held-onto items all find their way to the same location. The junk drawer, wherever it’s in your house, is where those items reside. When placing them into that drawer, we make ourselves believe they’ll come in handy someday. But everyone knows that someday never arrives.

In a clip posted on YouTube, Tim sings a hilarious song about the junk drawer and the many things that likely reside in that location. Of course, like all good comedy, it’s funny because there is a lot of truth to it.

Before singing the song, Tim points out how universal and widely used a junk drawer is. 

“I know we got a lot of different people here from a lot of different backgrounds and stuff,” he said. “But that’s what this song is about, how we’re the same. I bet you everybody in this room probably has one of these at your house right now.”

He then names some of the odd collection of objects you’ll probably find in your junk drawer.

“Canadian coins and a birthday candle
Allen wrench and a suitcase handle
Fourteen pens that don’t work, a new note card and a button from a shirt
An old antenna, a rubber band and a knob from an unknown door”

As usual, Tim has the audience in hysterics throughout his performance.

And now, you are probably thinking about cleaning out your junk drawer to make room for the newest junk.

Proverbs 17:22 “A glad heart makes a healthy body, but a crushed spirit makes the bones dry.”

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