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Letter From World War II Era Finally Gets Delivered

Letter From World War II Era Finally Gets Delivered

Your mail may have taken a long time to get to you, but this letter wins the record. It was lost for 80 years!

Mailed in 1943 during World War II, the letter was addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Louis George to a street in Dekalb, Illinois. Only, IL was not written on the envelope. That could have been the reason the letter was lost for so long. 

After all these years, the letter was delivered. The video interviews Mr. and Mrs. George’s granddaughter who talks about the letter's contents, which was condolences after losing a baby. 

The letter turned up at a local post office and to make the story even more interesting, it had been mailed from just 50 miles away. The letter didn’t have to make a huge journey to reach its destination, however, something must have happened to interrupt where it was supposed to go.

The granddaughter also talks about how it would have meant so much to her grandparents to know they had received this letter. The letter made its way to the granddaughter after a curious post office employee found the family on social media. 

It’s a miracle to think that a letter found its way after all this time. What could have happened to it and where has it been for 80 years?

Someone in the comments who has worked at a post office mentioned that, “Having worked at the post office the letter possibly slipped under a shelf at the mail carriers case or route. One day when rearranging my route shelving I found some office card items, not mail, dated 30 years earlier.” This is the most likely reason it was never delivered back in the 1940s. 

While the letter was lost, it was later found which can remind us of how we were once lost but found by God.

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