Sweet 4-Year-Old Mimics His Grandmother’s Prayer Style

Sweet 4-Year-Old Mimics His Grandmother’s Prayer Style

A cute young man bowed his head to pray, and when he started talking to God, he sounded an awful lot like his grandmother.

All children are a blessing from the good Lord. They should be treasured, treated and raised as such. Part of properly raising a child includes teaching and instructing them in the ways and lessons of Jesus Christ. 

Those who would argue that children are too young, that they wouldn’t be able to understand enough to learn about God’s Son, could not be any more wrong. Children are always watching. They pick up on things that no one would expect, as one video posted on TikTok so hilariously displays.

In the clip, 4-year-old Josiah Robinson lowered his head while sitting at the table. Seconds later, he begins praying emphatically. He asks God to “just heal my body, oh God!”

After asking for the Lord’s healing touch on his body, the young man moves on to the most important aspect of his being.

“Just bless my soul right this minute, oh God! Oh, God, oh God! Bless my soul and heal my sickness,” Josiah prays.

The young man ends his passionate prayer with, “In Jesus’s name, amen.”

The text at the top of the video reads, ‘My son prays just like my mama.”

The sweet video of the young man talking to God was posted online by his mother, Stacy Robinson, according to People

Not only was the young man copying his grandmother’s words, but he was also mimicking her tone of voice and mannerisms during prayer. 

Yes, it is important to teach children about Jesus Christ. But it is just as critical, perhaps even more so, to model how to worship and communicate with the Lord. Children, even when they don’t appear to be, are watching. They pick up on and learn from one’s actions just as little Josiah has from his grandmother.

Proverbs 22:6 “If a child is trained up in the right way, even when he is old he will not be turned away from it.”

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