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‘Mother To A Savior And King’ Music From Journey To Bethlehem

‘Mother To A Savior And King’ Music From Journey To Bethlehem

A beautiful song, “Mother to a Savior and King,” from the new film “Journey to Bethlehem” perfectly captures and articulates the confusion, doubt and fear that Mary must have been experiencing.

The birth of Jesus Christ was undoubtedly a world-changing situation, and it continues to be the reason for so much joy and happiness. God’s love for sinners is on full display in the story of Jesus Christ's birth. He sent His one and only Son to Earth. But it's also a story in which several central characters detail extreme faith and trust in the Lord and in His direction and guidance.

To give birth to His Son, God selected Mary, a humble and lowly virgin. The Lord sent an angel to her to deliver this all-important and world-alternating message that she would give birth to a Son. As the Bible mentions, Mary responded that she was a willing servant of God.

But despite her answer to the angel and her faithfulness, Mary naturally had to have been feeling extreme confusion, fear and anxiety. There had to have been more than several instances in which she, in her mind, questioned God’s plan.  

The tune, “Mother to a Savior and King,” sung by actress Fiona Palomo, who plays Mary in the film, gives voice to Mary’s fears and worries. The song is essentially a prayer from Mary as she calls out to God, asking for His help and guidance. She also questions God, wanting to know why He chose her despite her lowly societal status. 

“There’s nothing in my life I have to offer
Nothing in my blood of royalty
I am just a poor and simple virgin
I am not 
A mother to a Savior and King”

Mary was given a monumental task. It’s only natural to think that Mary, on many occasions, questioned God. But God knew that Mary, as she stated, was a willing servant of the Lord. He knew her heart. 

Luke 1:38 “And Mary said, ‘Behold, the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word.’ And the angel departed from her.”

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