'Because Of You' Anna Golden With Aodhan King Performance Video

'Because Of You' Anna Golden With Aodhan King Performance Video

Listen to this beautiful performance from Anna Golden with Aodhan King of the song ‘Because Of You.’

“From the moment I rise til I lay my head, You are on my mind, You are the best part
Of every breath, I will spend my life talking about Your faithfulness, because of You
I see a new horizon. Because of You all my fears go quiet, I know You hold the whole world
In Your hands, and this life is worthwhile all because of You. You’re the color in every sunrise”

The song ‘Because Of You’ is the second single from Anna Golden’s new live album titled Church, which is coming out this month. The record has 11 tracks on it, and the songs give a testimony to the power of faith and how Anna Golden refuses to let painful experiences define her life. 

In this song, she is joined by Hillsong Worship's Aodhan King. And the lyrics in ‘Because Of You’ encourage listeners who are hurting to reframe their perspective on life, let go of their fears, and find joy in the small things.

“‘Because Of You' is a song written about how beautiful a life with Jesus is. A love song that captures just how stunning your every day is because of the faithfulness, kindness, and consistency of who He is. A reminder that even though life holds such uncertainty, He still gives us hope for a new horizon and peace in the midst of chaos," Anna Golden shared. "This song pulls inspiration from the old hymn 'Because He Lives,' a modern take on the beautiful message, 'Life is worth the living, just because He lives.’” 

We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘Because Of You’ from Anna Golden and featuring Aodhan King today! And may it remind you of the beauty of life with Jesus by your side.

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