Man with Down Syndrome Is Overjoyed When Brother Asks Him to Be Best Man

Man with Down Syndrome Is Overjoyed When Brother Asks Him to Be Best Man

Grab a tissue because you may need to dab a tear or two as you watch this heartwarming clip of a man with Down Syndrome who becomes overjoyed when his brother asks him to be his best man! 

Check out this Storyful Viral video by Will Claussen. In a few short moments, you’ll enjoy a tale filled with several critical elements. There is mystery and intrigue. There is heart and hugs.

We meet Henry (a.k.a. Hank) after he has dug up a bottle with a message in it. The bottle was “found” by his brother Will while they were out metal detecting, which is a favorite hobby of Henry’s. Captions at the top of the frame show the discussion between Will, Henry, and Will’s fiancé, Alyssa Johns, and captions at the bottom provide background.

Will (24) told Storyful that his 22-year-old brother has a form of high-functioning Down Syndrome. As Henry checks out the bottle, Alyssa asks off-camera where it came from and how the message got there. With a slight smile and an air of suspicion, Henry asks Will if he put the message in the bottle, but his older brother assures him that he did not. 

Will retrieves the note from the bottle as Henry holds the bottle in one gloved hand, his shovel in the other. Alyssa re-positions herself so she can capture the brothers from the front; she doesn’t want to miss the expressions she expects will come. 

Inside is a request that Will has planted in the bottle. With a little help from Will, Henry reads it. Phrases like “best bro” and “best friend” are included in the message that ends with an exciting ask. The letter petitions Henry to be Will’s best man! 

As Henry finishes reading, Will wears a big smile, and one spreads across Henry’s face as well. Henry exclaims, “What!” Will states the question again in full. Henry immediately drops his tool and the vessel that held the note and jumps into his brother’s arms, legs wrapped around his waist in complete excitement!

That is obviously a “yes” from Henry! 

Often, boyfriends work hard to execute the perfect marriage proposal. In this video, we see a man and his fiancé put in extra effort to invite a brother to stand up with them. They created a beautiful moment and a cherished memory!    

“What a person desires is unfailing love; better to be poor than a liar.” Proverbs 19:22

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