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‘Love Me Like I Am’ Jordin Sparks Joins For King And Country At Dove Awards

‘Love Me Like I Am’ Jordin Sparks Joins For King And Country At Dove Awards

A trio of unbelievably talented singers, the duo For King & Country and Jordin Sparks, joined forces to give an emotional and inspiring performance of “Love Me Like I Am.”

The world is a sad, lonely and dangerous place full of fallen people. No one is perfect, for all are sinners and have fallen well short of the glory of God. There was and never will be anything human beings could do to reverse that fallen, sinful nature.

However, even though humans are a fallen and sinful group, God came up with a way to bridge the gap, the division caused by sin. He sent His one and only Son to die a painful, excruciating and undeserving death on the cross. Jesus Christ took our place, making the ultimate sacrifice. 

In a clip posted on YouTube, former American Idol contestant Jordin Sparks joined the guys from King & Country to sing “Love Me Like I Am” about God’s magnificent love and grace. He’s somehow able to love us despite all our failures, flaws and imperfections. 

“It’s amazing that You can
Love me like I am
And even when I can’t
You still love as I am”

People who are struggling, those who have been convicted of their sins and know they need to change their ways and turn their lives over to God, all seem to have a similar response. They often mention that they’ll come to God once they’ve cleaned up some and become slightly better people. 

He doesn’t and wouldn’t want them as they currently are, they tend to think. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. His love is so powerful, so life-changing that He loves all like how they are, inviting sinners to turn to Him now, regardless of their current state. 

There is nothing anyone could ever do to “deserve” God’s love, mercy and forgiveness. They are gifts He freely gives, forgiving all who confess their sins and turn from their ways.

Romans 5:8 “But God has made clear His love to us, in that, when we were still sinners, Christ gave His life for us.”

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