Two Young Street Performers Duet To ‘Heartbreak Hotel’

Two Young Street Performers Duet To ‘Heartbreak Hotel’

Two musically gifted young women, Allie Sherlock and Leila Jane, put on a fantastic and stunning performance of an Elvis Presley classic on the side of the street.

Elvis Presley is a massive, legendary figure in the world of entertainment. Even decades after his death, his songs and movies are still widely heard and seen. His iconic and beloved tunes have received the cover treatment from scores of musicians, including two young street performers.

In a clip posted on YouTube, the two bundled-up musicians treat the crowd who has gathered to listen and unsuspecting passersby to a rendition of “Heartbreak Hotel.” It’s such a terrific and delightful cover that the “King of Roll and Roll” would have likely given his wholehearted approval.

“Well, since my baby left me
I found a new place a new place to dwell
It’s down at the end of Lonely Street
At the Heartbreak Hotel”

During their performance, Allie strums on the guitar and provides vocals, while Leila also shoulders some singing responsibilities. Allie kicks off the song by belting out the tune’s catchy and memorable opening verse. Leila comes in on the second verse, demonstrating her magnificent singing voice.

Both young women sound fantastic. Each even uses a bit of growl/southern drawl in their voice that Elvis uses to great effect in his version. 

The two talented women have picked up quite the crowd. About halfway through the clip, the camera swings around and shows the sizable audience that has gathered to watch Allie and Leila’s Elvis Presley cover.

Elvis Presley is often covered and imitated but will never be replicated. He was a one-of-a-kind entertainer who could sing, dance and even act. His many films and songs are legendary. 

But despite all that, Leila And Allie’s cover of “Heartbreak Hotel” is still thoroughly impressive. Even the most diehard of Elvis fans will appreciate their rendition. 

Psalm 95:1 “O come, let us make songs to the Lord; sending up glad voices to the Rock of our salvation.”

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