Daddy-Daughter Duet To “Phantom Of The Opera” Classic

Daddy-Daughter Duet To “Phantom Of The Opera” Classic

This incredible daddy-daughter duet to “Phantom of the Opera,” from the classic, beloved musical of the same name, will leave you wowed in a variety of ways. Check it out!

For those who have a love for the “Emerald Isle” and its stunning beauty, those who have a fascination for the tragic, romantic story of “The Phantom of the Opera,” and everyone who enjoys watching a little girl sing her precious heart out—this is one to watch!  

Adorable Miss Emma Sophia, looking like a pink variation of Little Red Riding Hood, has got serious vocal range and power in that little body of hers! She portrays the play’s heroine, Christine Daaé, and her dad, of course, is Erik (better known as The Phantom).

Emma lives in Kinsale, Co. Cork in Ireland, and Ballysaggartmore Lodge and Towers in Lismore, Co. Waterford, Ireland, is the setting for the video. While not the hidden spaces within the innards of a theater, it is divinely mysterious and mystical. The forest and towers, built in the early 1800s, combined with the doom-promising music, certainly create a creepy vibe. However, the 7-year-old sprig of a girl is anything but creepy—even though she plays the part well!

Emma lands the first note confidently at 16 seconds. She is commanding, hitting the low notes and the high ones on cue. As she walks toward one of the towers, she is greeted on the walkway by the story’s masked villain. Dad begins his part at 1:01. He’s no musical slouch, either!

At about 1:50, Emma expertly invokes a gesture with the words “draw back in fear.” And she and Dad both add expression as they sing. The camera pans out to show the wooden landscape and then shoots the two from above as they circle each other on the tower-connecting bridge below. There’s an awesome close-up of Emma at 2:50. We see her blue eyes, fair complexion, soft brown ringlets, and poochy child’s mouth.

Christine (Emma) strides away from The Phantom (Dad), and, before long, she is singing those high notes. It’s a good thing there aren’t crystal wine glasses around!

Encore, Emma! We’ll be keeping our eyes on you!  

“Anger is cruel, and wrath is like a flood, but jealousy is even more dangerous.” Proverbs 27:4

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