Children On Bus Cheer On ‘The Fastest Kid Alive’ Every Day

Children On Bus Cheer On ‘The Fastest Kid Alive’ Every Day

A group of kind and caring students cheer on their classmate, “the fastest kid alive,” every day as he runs to his house after getting off the school bus. 

The world often feels like it’s running way too low on kindness and love. Unfortunately, people do possess the ability to inflict unspeakable evil on one another. But, then, some moments restore your faith in humanity. Even if they might be small, those unexpected acts of kindness and love can make a world of difference to someone who might desperately need it.

In a clip posted on YouTube, a handful of kindergarteners and a bus driver show kindness and love to a young man every day in a sweet way. 

The young man, who describes himself as “the fastest kid alive,” races home after getting off the school bus. But he doesn’t complete these full-on sprints without any fanfare. Instead, he has his own cheering section in the form of his classmates on the school bus.

As the young man safely sprints across the road to his home, the children chant, “Go, Xavier! Go, Xavier!”

Xavier’s mother says that due to the daily chant, she knows exactly when the bus has arrived.

“It’s an everyday thing,” she said. “They, they get on one side of the bus, and they scream Xavier’s name. “Go, Xavier, go!” That’s all we hear, and that’s how we know they outside.”

Xavier’s bus driver understands that he has an important role in a child’s life. He knows he has been placed in a position to spread some happiness and joy.

“You have the first chance to make them happy, and you’ve got the last chance to make them happy,” he said. “Because I’ll see them first and I’ll see them last. So, I always took that as a challenge to make sure I give them the environment, of course, safely, but to allow them just to express themselves and be kids.”

Proverbs 11:17 “The man who has mercy will be rewarded but the cruel man is the cause of trouble to himself.”

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