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Dad Holding Daughter’s Hand After Labor Goes Viral For All The Right Reasons

Dad Holding Daughter’s Hand After Labor Goes Viral For All The Right Reasons

One man’s daughter had just given birth, and while he was overjoyed to become a grandfather, he found a sweet, simple way to show love and affection to his own little girl. 

While everyone loves babies, likely no one adores them more than grandparents. Whenever grandma and grandpa enter the room, their eyes and attention are on their grandchildren. They want nothing more than to hug and hold those youngsters. But in a grandparent’s rush to show their grandchildren affection, they may sometimes overlook their own children.

In a clip posted on YouTube, a new grandfather showed care, attention and love to his daughter, who had just given birth, in a subtle and sweet way. The short video shows the man sitting by his daughter, holding her hand. 

“He was like tapping my hand,” Deborah Gilbert said. “Like, you know, he’s not really saying anything, but he kind of wants some assurance. And he just made me feel so, like, looked after.”

Deborah states that her father’s sweet display of affection came as several other people were in the room, lovingly looking after and fawning over the precious new life. Then, she happened to notice her father holding and tapping her hand. Deborah described it as a “full circle moment.”

“And then I realized that my dad was just sitting beside me, and then he was just like holding my hand,” she said. “And I thought, ‘Oh my God,” because I looked over to my husband. And my husband was holding his daughter. And I looked over to my dad, and he was holding me. And I just thought, ‘This is such a full circle moment, right?’”

She recalls feeling loved and looked after, almost like he reminded her that she was still his little girl. That’s a special moment that Deborah will forever remember and cherish.

Ephesians 6:4 “And, you fathers, do not make your children angry: but give them training in the teaching and fear of the Lord.”

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