Elderly Couple Sees A Need In Their Neighborhood And Acts

Elderly Couple Sees A Need In Their Neighborhood And Acts

One couple in an Idaho neighborhood doesn’t let their advanced age keep them from helping others and acting when a need arises or something needs to be done. 

Life is a constant series of unexpected and unforeseen events. As a result, those situations can leave people needing help every now and then. Perhaps the need has something to do with finances, or it may even be a small, seemingly minuscule task that needs to be completed. 

Whatever the need may be – large or small – helping someone out and fulfilling a need can mean the world to others.

A clip posted on YouTube tells the story of two lovely individuals, an elderly couple – JoBeth, 88, and LaVar, who is 90 years old. Unfortunately, JoBeth and LaVar’s neighbors endured one of life’s unexpected events. Their neighbors were forced to confront a series of health issues.

As everyone knows and understands, when health situations or other such issues occur, other tasks fall by the wayside during these times. The focus and energy are on battling that much more pressing situation. 

But that’s when JoBeth and LaVar got to work. Those two sweet and caring individuals lent a hand to their neighbors, helping them with yard work while their neighbors attended to their health emergencies. 

Their neighbor mentioned that LaVar, at 90 years old, bundles up, makes his way outside and clears their driveway whenever it snows. 

But that is not all. LaVar, without being asked, came over and mowed his neighbor’s lawn in the summer.

LaVar’s wife, JoBeth, also helped their neighbors. She took care of their trash cans. She took it upon herself to ensure they got emptied and were always off the street.

For their loving works, LaVar and JoBeth received a basket of goodies when a team of journalists showed up at their house to show them some much-deserved appreciation.

JoBeth was overwhelmed and very appreciative of the unexpected gift.

1 Corinthians 16:14 “Let all you do be done in love.”

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