Ray Stevens ‘If Jesus Is A Stranger (Check Your Circle Of Friends)’ On Larry’s Country Diner

Ray Stevens ‘If Jesus Is A Stranger (Check Your Circle Of Friends)’ On Larry’s Country Diner

Legendary entertainer Ray Stevens stopped by Larry’s Country Diner and turned in an inspired and upbeat performance of "If Jesus is a Stranger (Check your Circle of Friends).”

In a chaotic world of uncertainty, hurt and heartache, friends are valuable. Those people can and will become individuals to lean on and depend upon when life becomes overwhelming and unbearable. They will be a shoulder to cry on during times of pain and sorrow. But thankfully, there is One who sticks closer than a friend who never leaves nor forsakes us during our time of need.

In a clip posted on YouTube, Ray Stevens sings about the need to embark on a friendship with Jesus Christ. He also warns that if you aren’t already acquainted with the Savior of the world, you desperately need to reexamine your life and friendships. 

“I ain’t no saint, 
But I know I’ve seen the light
And I’m giving you warning in a friendly sort of way
That He will be coming back someday”

The rest of the song is a warning to those who don’t know Jesus Christ. He also states that for those who may have strayed from the straight and narrow path, there is still time to change their ways and turn back to the Lord.

Ray, about halfway through the clip, belts out likely the most important line of his truth-filled song. One day, all will face judgment and answer for their lives on Earth. On that day, Ray sings, who you know and who your friends are will not matter unless you know Him.

Christ’s love, grace and forgiveness are gifts for all who call upon His name. 

Why wait? Today is the perfect day to start a friendship, a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Romans 10:9 “Because, if you say with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and have faith in your heart that God has made him come back from the dead, you will have salvation.”

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