'Don't Lose Heart' Steven Curtis Chapman Official Music Video

'Don't Lose Heart' Steven Curtis Chapman Official Music Video

Check out the official music video for Steven Curtis Chapman’s new song ‘Don’t Lose Heart.’

“Another sleepless night, praying hope comes with the morning light
Right now you’re feeling like you’ve lost this fight and fear is screaming out your name
When you say God help me, you’re wondering if he’s even listening
Truth is, I’ve wondered the very same thing, so, you don’t have to feel ashamed
Let me walk with you through this valley and tell you all that I’ve learned to be true”

‘Don’t’ Lose Heart’ was just released after ‘Still,’ another new song by Steven Curtis Chapman the came out in May. Here is what his record label had to say about the song ‘Don’t Lose Heart.’

“As a core track on his upcoming project, the encouraging ‘Don’t Lose Heart’ is a passionate anthem of hope, inspired by Chapman's own journey through the shallowed valley of grief and loss that he and his family have traveled.”

The Grammy Award-winning artist and songwriter also shared a few of his thoughts about the new song.

“I’ve heard countless stories of others who’ve walked through their own deep dark valleys, and I feel like there are some things I can say from the perspective I have now,” he said. “I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to encourage others to not lose heart, and to remind them that we’re gonna make it home…together!”

Many people online also shared how ‘Don’t Lose Heart’ has impacted them.

“What a wonderfully uplifting song that the Lord gave you! Thanks for sharing your music! It touches me deep in my soul!” one person commented after watching the music video.

“This is a beautiful song, Steven! We will make it home one day!” another person wrote online.

We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘Don’t Lose Heart’ today and it was an encouragement for you!

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