Charismatic Tap Dancer Grooves His Way To 4 Yeses On AGT

Charismatic Tap Dancer Grooves His Way To 4 Yeses On AGT

It is challenging to perform a show-stopping dance routine. In this video, a charismatic tap dancer grooves his way to 4 yeses on AGT.

As the judges get to know the new contestant, his name is Bayley Graham and he is a tap dancer from New Zealand. Before he begins, Bayley seems very giddy and nervous. 

They await to see what he will do. As he dances, he communicates with the audience and the judges. He is so quick on his feet. He dances to “The Greatest Show” from the Greatest Showman. The judges begin to smile as they see him shine.

Bayley pulls out all kinds of tricks and moves that wow the crowd. He screams out, “AGT, make some noise!” The audience cheers. He taps so quickly, so on track with the music, and then lands his finish. 

When everyone thinks that Bayley finished, he says to them, “Let’s do it again…faster.” The judges look so excited. Suddenly the tempo goes up, and Bayley performs tap dancing again as fast as he can. The crowd cheers, and multiple judges stand.

The judges affirm Bayley and tell him that he is not just a tap dancer but an entertainer. They encourage him in his talent and share with him that he deserves to be performing somewhere. 

Bayley receives four yeses, and the crowd stands and applauds. He is beyond happy and grateful at this moment. 

The happiness that we see from Bayley as he tap dances, reminds us of the abundant joy that we have in Christ. We can impact others in a similar way that Bayley impacted this crowd. We can share the great hope that we have in Jesus. 

“So with you: Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again, and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy.” John 16:22

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