‘Rock Around The Clock’ Boogie Woogie Dance Goes Viral

‘Rock Around The Clock’ Boogie Woogie Dance Goes Viral

One couple has garnered a ton of attention for their dazzling moves on the dance floor.

Dance requires a fair amount of talent, dedication and coordination in order to be successful. However, add another person to the mix and the difficulty level increases considerably. Every dance move has to be coordinated and timed perfectly, or disaster awaits. Boogie woogie is a high-energy, upbeat type of dancing, which is similar to swing dance, and involves two people who essentially move as one. 

In a clip posted to YouTube, one couple, Sondre and Tanya, put their impressive dance moves on full display while performing a boogie-woogie dance to Bill Haley and His Comets’ hit “Rock Around the Clock.”

Not only is their dancing extremely upbeat and high energy, requiring tons of movement, but even some gymnastics moves are involved. The couple twist, turn and twirl one another in every direction imaginable. Then around the 35-second mark in the clip, they both start picking up speed considerably. Sondre eventually ducks, throwing Tanya over his shoulder!

She lands flat on her feet to a collective cheer from the adoring crowd who have circled around them and are watching with great anticipation and amazement. The talented couple doesn’t miss a beat as they continue with their spectacular dance exhibition.

Just before the 1-minute mark, Sondre shows off his unbelievable and extreme flexibility as he does the splits. He then hops several times while remaining in a split position. 

At the conclusion of their dance, the crowd lets out a collective cheer and gives the couple a well-deserved round of applause. 

The clip of their astounding dance number has been watched more than 2.4 million times! 

Their dance number is a sight to behold. Sondre and Tanya are beyond-gifted dancers who have won several competitions all over the world, according to their YouTube channel.

Psalm 149:3 “Let them praise his name in the dance: let them sing praises to him with the tambourine and harp.”

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