‘Fire’s Burnin’ TobyMac And Cory Asbury Lyric Video

One of the biggest names in the Christian music scene, TobyMac, is back with what is sure to be another hit song.

In nearly every poll on any upcoming election, a certain amount of people support Candidate A, with another portion backing Candidate B. However, there is always a third, much smaller percentage of people who remain undecided. They are unable to figure out who or what they support. While being undecided is acceptable when it comes to elections, it's not when it comes to following Christ.

TobyMac’s song, “Fire’s Burnin,” features the musical talent of Cory Asbury and is about being all in for Christ. Instead of remaining undecided or a lukewarm follower, TobyMac sings that he is leaving everything behind and making a firm commitment to the Lord. 

The musicians are all in when it comes to following Christ. The Lord will no longer be their “side thing.” Instead, as the lyrics state, He will be their “ride or die thing.”

“I got my eyes wide open and they’re only on you
This ain’t no side thing, my ride or die thing
I put it all on the table, you’re the one that I choose
You got my whole heart”

The song also mentions how the Lord has performed miracles in their lives. When there was seemingly no way, when there was nothing for them to do, the Lord made a way. He saved them from an impossible situation. 

He was faithful and never left their side, as is stated throughout the Bible. 

As the song indicates and God’s Word mentions, lukewarm followers of Christ are essentially useless. He actually spits out those who are lukewarm or can’t decide from his mouth. He wants nothing to do with those who remain lukewarm in their following of Christ. 

He wants our all or nothing. There are no undecideds when it comes to following Jesus Christ. 

Revelation 3:16 “So then because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth."

Source: TobyMac

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