You've Already Won Shane And Shane Acoustic Performance

You've Already Won Shane And Shane Acoustic Performance

Shane & Shane’s acoustic performance of their song, “You’ve Already Won,” delivers a reassuring message for believers and motivation for those who aren’t! 

Without a lot of flash and fluff, Shane & Shane use their two powerful voices and one acoustic guitar to remind the faithful that we need not worry about the future or the troubles ahead because Jesus has got us. He’s with his followers each step of the way! 

The song, lengthy at nearly six minutes, is packed with wisdom without a single wasted word, and the chorus includes the following lines:  

I'm fighting a battle
You've already won
No matter what comes my way
I will overcome

Shane & Shane aren’t brothers, but they almost look like they could be with their similar personal styles and builds. They are, however, brothers in Christ. They met in the late 1990’s while attending Texas A&M University

Both Shanes were making music at the time. In 1997, Shane Barnard released an album with another Texas A&M student, Caleb Carruth. It was titled Salvation Still Remains. And, Shane Everett was performing in area bars. The two met shortly after Shane E. accepted Christ and began attending Shane B.’s Christian fellowship group on the Texas A&M campus.  

Here, singer and guitarist Shane Bernard is on the left, and Shane Everett stands on the right. The Shanes write music, perform concerts, and train worship leaders. The two founded The Worship Initiative in 2015. Based in Dallas, Texas, it is a thriving online resource and community for worship leaders and churches. 

These two talents have a passion for delivering “artistically compelling and scripturally sound” music to listeners—both believers and searchers. Isn’t it amazing how God works His plans!

He brought together a couple of gifted singers on a giant college campus (there were nearly 57,000 undergraduate students in the Fall of 2021), and he even made sure the two artists could come up with a catchy name for their contemporary Christian music duo! 

“The fear of the Lord leads to life; then one rests content, untouched by trouble.” Proverbs 19:23

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