Detroit Youth Choir Grabs Golden Buzzer After Bringing Terry Crews To Tears With “Thunder”

Detroit Youth Choir Grabs Golden Buzzer After Bringing Terry Crews To Tears With “Thunder”

The Detroit Youth Choir once again beat the odds on this season of America’s Got Talent and grabbed the Golden Buzzer after bringing Terry Crews to tears with their rendition of “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons. 

The inspiring choir group first gained fame on the beloved NBC show America’s Got Talent in season 14 in 2019. The choir gave an electric performance, and Terry Crews awarded them the Golden Buzzer. They later came in second place overall after songwriter and pianist Kodi Lee. This year, they are back and going for the gold. 

Detroit, Michigan, has its fair share of challenges. Fifty-five percent of Detroit youth live in poverty, a thirty percent youth unemployment rate persists, and only sixty-two percent of African-American youth and fifty-five percent of Latino youth are going to graduate high school. Anthony White, the Creative Director of the Detroit Youth Concert Choir, has set out to improve those odds. 

The home page for the DYC website says, “The Detroit Youth Choir aspires to transform the youth of Metro-Detroit into creative, curious, and compassionate young adults by using the performing arts as a vehicle for success.”

The Detroit Youth Concert Choir is a nonprofit organization that seeks to allow inner-city youth to improve their creative skills and find a passion for the performing arts. Offering another avenue to success to these underprivileged children allows those in this program to succeed better later in life. 

These talented middle and high school students have taken the stage once again and brought people across the United States to tears with their powerful performance. Not only was the audience impressed, but the judges were as well. Even the infamously callous Simon Cowell was at a loss for words during their performance. 

Normally the finalists are voted on by viewers across the country, but there was no need for that for the Detroit Youth Choir. The host, Terry Crews, emerged from the wings of the stage and praised the children for their talent and perseverance. 

“Mr. White,” Terry begins, “You have changed the lives of thousands of young men and women all over. But what you have done for the city of Detroit, and what you have done in this world, one Golden Buzzer is not enough.”

Terry smashes the Golden Buzzer, automatically sending the choir group to the next round. This is even more impressive when you realize that the judges may only press the button once during the whole season! 

With people like Mr. White and everyone involved in the Detroit Youth Choir, the world with surely become a better place in no time.

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