Beagle Snuggles Cat Friend to Watch Outside World

Beagle Snuggles Cat Friend to Watch Outside World

Developing deep, meaningful friendships can make a good life all the better. Friends are people you can count on in times of need. They tell us what we need to hear, not necessarily what we want to hear. These special bonds can also come during times and in places when we least expect it. That’s exactly what appears to have happened between an unlikely pair of animals.

Anyone who has ever had a cat or a dog that stayed indoors understands they just love to gaze out the windows. Peering outside and taking in all the sights happening outside makes up a good part of their day. One viral video shows a precious moment between a dog and a cat as they settled in to participate in this all-important, time-consuming activity. 

The short video begins with a family’s black cat, Jasper, hopping up on the back of a couch to grab a good seat to look out a window. Jasper is now ready to partake in some birdwatching. Jasper, though, is not alone for long.

Jasper moments later is joined by the family’s puppy, Bo, a 5-month-old Beagle puppy, according to Reshareworthy. Bo soon finds a seat right next to Jasper.

As a sign of the friendship between the dog and cat, Bo then places and rests his right front paw on Jasper’s back. They are now ready to watch those pesky birds together.

What may be even more surprising, Jasper doesn’t seem to mind the placement of Bo’s paw on his back. 

According to Bo and Jasper’s family, the video of the cute interaction between the two animal pals is a gentle reminder “to slow down, live and love in the moment with who you are with.”

However, it remains unclear exactly how many birds Bo and Jasper spotted, and which ones were their favorite. 

Proverbs 18:24 “A man of many companions may be ruined, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”

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