‘Up Your Income’ Funny Game Show on Carol Burnett Show

‘Up Your Income’ Funny Game Show on Carol Burnett Show

In addition to starring the lovely and talented Carol Burnett, the hilarious Carol Burnett Show is known for producing hundreds of classic laugh-out-loud skits. Commonly, the memorable and uproarious sketches featured Carol, Tim Conway or Harvey Korman laughing, unable to keep it together. 

This time, the hilarious show delivers a hysterical mocking of game shows. At the beginning of the sketch, the host, played by Harvey, of “Up Your Income” succinctly explains the game. 

“Welcome to Up Your Income! The game that takes all the stupid rules from every other game show and combines them all into one big mishmash!” he says

Harvey then introduces his celebrity guests, who are playing on behalf of a member of the studio audience. The elderly audience member, played by Carol, is literally carried up on the stage. 

She has no desire to be there and makes that perfectly clear. At one point, Carol’s character states over and over that she’d rather go home instead of trying to win more money.

Everyone is hilariously oblivious to Carol’s character’s desire to leave and go home!

Despite wanting to leave and go home, Carol’s character is put in increasingly ridiculous situations in order to try and win a few bucks.  

At one point, Carol’s character is put in a brown paper bag and told that she must punch her way out of it. Not only is she not successful but she grunts while in the bag. The host interprets it as her asking for air and laughs it off! 

The skit is heavy on physical comedy as Carol, playing an elderly character, leans on the game show host in order to stay upright. She even falls on the floor several times.

The Carol Burnett Show and its endless supply of classic skits remain funny all these years later!

Psalms 126:2 “Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The Lord has done great things for them.”

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