Pitch-Perfect ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ Blind Audition Earns 4-Chair Turn

Pitch-Perfect ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ Blind Audition Earns 4-Chair Turn

Musicians dream of turning heads and having their talent recognized and one young man literally did that with his outstanding musical ability.  

Noivas, playing the guitar and singing Sam Cooke’s classic “A Change is Gonna Come,” made all four judges on The Voice sit up, take notice and spin their chairs around. He made a huge impression on the judges and the studio audience!

Less than 25 seconds into the clip, the judges have all decided they have heard enough. Kelly Clarkson turns her chair around first, followed seconds later by Chance the Rapper, Blake Shelton and Niall Horan. 

Noivas has been blessed with an amazing voice. It is on full display during his pitch-perfect performance. He uses his astounding God-given talent to go on impressive vocal runs and hit high notes while making the song his own in such a way that it appears effortless. 

The studio audience loves the performance so much that they erupt in applause several times throughout the song. The judges are also completely blown away by what they have just witnessed.

Chance the Rapper goes so far as to call him “a voice of this generation.”

“You are an incomparable talent, yo,” Chance says. “I would love to give you the platform to show yourself to the world. I think you’re a voice of this generation that deserves to be heard.”

After the talented performer finishes, it’s a verbal battle among the judges. Kelly, Chance and Niall all plead their case, stating why they are the right musical coach for Noivas. 

Unfortunately, the clip ends right before Noivas announces his all-important final decision. But whoever the talented young man selects as his coach will have a big leg up in the team competition. 

Psalm 27:6 “Now my head will be lifted up above my enemies around me. I will offer sacrifices of joy in his tent. I will sing, yes, I will sing praises to Yahweh.”

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