Cat Hits The Gym for Tummy-Trimming Exercises

Cat Hits The Gym for Tummy-Trimming Exercises

Are you getting your body in purr-fect shape for summer? If it’s a struggle for you, then perhaps you’ll find some inspiration in this hilarious video where a cat hits the gym for tummy-trimming exercises. 

This video is breaking the internet because of the cuteness and because this cat has some impressive abs. While many of us barely keep up with our fitness goals past January, this cat is showing us all up with such determination! 

But if this cat can do it, we can too. We just need to find some inspiration and mix in a little discipline. Perhaps, add in a sprinkle of prayers. 

Who wants to do situps when we can be watching another episode of The Chosen, or snuggled up on the couch with our favorite furry family member? Staying fit is hard. But once we get through the workout, we feel a lot better about ourselves. 

Apparently, the cat in this video has seen his owner doing crunches a time or two, and this fitness feline knew it was the best way to tighten his pouch.  

And cats can be sensitive about the size of their primordial pouches, which all cats have. The pouch acts as an extra layer of protection and allows additional flexibility when they jump and play. 

Captured on video by his owner, this fella sauntered over to the workout bench, flopped down, and worked hard to get as many tummy-trimming reps in as possible. I don’t think he broke a sweat, and I’m pretty sure he can do more crunches than I can at one time. 

Maybe I need to adopt this cat’s technique and tuck my feet up under the bench. Or maybe it’s easier for him because he has a soft, furry backside of fluff. 

We hope this video makes you laugh and brightens your day. May it be the inspiration you need to treat your body to some good physical activity. 

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