Figure Skating Couple Perform Riverdance On Ice Routine

Figure Skating Couple Perform Riverdance On Ice Routine

Check out this swoon-worthy figure skating couple as they perform a Riverdance routine. While every step didn’t go as planned, those commenting on social media were beyond impressed by the two beautiful skaters!

Eva Pate (22) and Logan Bye (25) skate their free dance in the 2023 U.S. Figure Skating National Championships. A vision in sapphire and emerald water-color, the pair deliver an extremely technical performance, supplying a dose of Irish art and culture on ice that makes us all wish we had a little green running through our veins!

The song is “Reel Around the Sun” by Bill Whelan—from Scene 1 of Riverdance 25th Anniversary Show. The dance begins slowly, but there is nothing reserved about Eva and Logan’s choreography. Their perfect v-shaped starting stance and their spin at 1:10 captive! At 1:35, Logan lifts Eva, and she turns upside down to place her hands and her weight on his thighs while her feet point upward. When noticing Logan’s slight wobble, one announcer comments that he’s got a “human on a tightrope.” 

At 2:30, the “fun starts,” according to one of the commentators. The tempo picks up, the clapping begins, and their steps remind us of Michael Flatley, the man most often associated with Irish dance. Eva takes a point-costing tumble at 3:00, but it is astonishing how quickly the two recover and continue on! 

By 4:00, the energy has accelerated. Logan holds Eva for a high-speed spin, and they finish the dance with lofty steps, cartwheels, and bows! Eva and Logan smile, but we see their disappointment as they embrace. The fall has impacted their routine, and they know it.

The video shows the replay of their mishap and the rendering of their scores, but don’t stop watching yet. In the final second, Logan says something to Eva, and there is a wonderfully sweet moment between the two. Just an instant. But it’s one that makes everything okay!

Logan and Eva have been skating together since 2019. She’s from Ohio, and he’s from Colorado, but they train in Michigan. And, wherever they are together is home. The two were engaged in 2022! This may not have been their favorite performance, but it was splendid all the same. And, they’ve got lots of days, months, and years to work together on the ice and in life!          

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Proverbs 17:22

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