Severely Matted Dog Undergoes Incredible Transformation

Severely Matted Dog Undergoes Incredible Transformation

Thanks to a good samaritan, this dog finally has something to smile about. A severely matted dog undergoes an incredible transformation after being rescued from the streets. 

Damjan of Serbia noticed this poor pup wandering the streets. Damjan took one look at him and knew he needed to get help for the dog right away. But the dog wasn’t so keen on getting help even though he had to have been in pain. It took over two hours of gentle coaxing and a few treats before Damjan got the dog into a kennel. 

That’s when the transformation happens. The dog realizes he’s in good hands, and a glimmer of hope shines through his eyes. The dog was taken to a vet and put under sedation to remove the matting. It was so severe his entire body was shaved. It took several hours to remove all the matted fur. Damjan explained, “His fur was so heavy and so hard. It was like a piece of wood.”

Typically when dogs are groomed, sedation isn’t needed, but the Vet wanted to spare the dog the pain of removing so much fur. Several hours later, the weight had been lifted. Underneath the matting was a gorgeous black dog who was ready for belly scratches. 

The dog came out of the grooming session looking like a new dog. Later, the video reveals a happy dog enjoying a walk with Damjan. He was surprised at how well-trained the dog seemed to be. 

“He’s walking near my leg. The leash is not tight. He’s not pulling. I don’t have to pull him,” Damjan said as he took the dog for a walk to stretch his legs. It seems the dog was incredibly grateful for the help he received from Damjan. This sweet dog not only got a second chance, but he also became a traveler too. He was adopted by a family in England, and now he’s living the life he deserves.

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