Fisherman Spots Submerged Jeep And Is Stunned To Find Missing Woman Inside

Fisherman Spots Submerged Jeep And Is Stunned To Find Missing Woman Inside

Check out this story of a fisherman who spots a submerged Jeep in a lake and is stunned to find a missing woman alive inside.

Justin Pennington was fishing on Lake O’ The Pines outside Dallas, Texas, when he spotted a submerged vehicle in the water. Not something that you’d expect to see while on a fishing trip! He called the police, and once deputies arrived, they called a tow truck to retrieve the vehicle.

“I would’ve never thought anybody was in there because the windows were down. I assumed they probably got out and left it and were just gonna come back and get it the next day,” said Justin.

Once the tow truck operator arrived, Justin took him out on his boat to where the Jeep was in the lake. And you won’t believe what they found inside! Incredibly, there was a missing woman inside the vehicle who was still alive!

“She wasn’t saying anything, but she was conscious because she was moving,” shared Justin.

Justin and the tow truck operator hauled the woman onto the boat. She was then taken to a nearby hospital and treated for hypothermia.

“We don’t know how many hours she was actually in there, but it was long enough that you wouldn’t think somebody would still be alive after that,” Justin said.

The woman was reported missing two days prior, and it is not known how long she had been stuck submerged in the Jeep. Apparently, there was an air pocket inside the vehicle that kept her alive.

What an incredible story! We hope that the woman recovers after such a harrowing accident. And God bless Justin for finding her inside her car and saving her life. God sure had him at the right place at the right time in order for his fishing trip to turn into a heroic event.

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