'Sun Moon' Film Follows Woman's Leap Of Faith After Heartbreak

'Sun Moon' Film Follows Woman's Leap Of Faith After Heartbreak

Check out the new film called ‘Sun Moon’ that follows a woman’s leap of faith after heartbreak.

“Kelsey is running from failure, heartbreak, and humiliation,” reads the caption of the movie trailer on YouTube. “In an attempt to understand God’s purpose for her life, she goes to Taiwan to teach English. Will her leap of faith pay off?”

The first scene of the movie trailer starts off with a bride named Kelsey in her wedding dress, sitting in a bathtub, looking rather sad. Then another woman comes into the bathroom and starts spraying her with water. Later, the two are out grocery shopping and run into an acquaintance where Kelsey has to explain how she was left at the altar during her wedding.

Kelsey is then seen sitting in a church. She then shares with her friend that she was offered a job teaching in Taiwan, and she decides to go. Kelsey can be seen walking through the streets of Taiwan rolling her luggage along. Then she is seen teaching.

While she is teaching, she meets another teacher who helps her out. She asks him, “How did you learn to work with the students?” He replies, “By doing it wrong first, a lot.”

A break in the movie scenes happens, and the words “It takes a leap of faith to discover God’s plan” come across the screen.

Later, Kelsey is seen talking to the other teacher, and she says, “These kids need to be loved, and I want to love. But I am afraid if I love anything too much, God’s just going to take it all away.”

The other teacher, who shares that his English is not that great, replies, “Don’t be scary” before correcting himself and saying, “Don’t be scared.”

Then he takes her around Taiwan and shows her the sights. It seems like a beautiful friendship is starting between the two.

If you’re interested in seeing more of the story of ‘Sun Moon,’ check out the film on Pure Flix beginning on May 5, 2023! 

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