Jennifer Hudson Sings ‘Walk With Me, Lord’ Duet With Viral Kid Reporter

Jennifer Hudson Sings ‘Walk With Me, Lord’ Duet With Viral Kid Reporter

Likely every parent or really anyone who has ever been around children knows they have a habit of saying anything at any given time. A request from one young man caught actress, singer and talk show Jennifer Hudson off guard.

On the Jennifer Hudson Show, the Oscar winner sat down with Jeremiah Fennell. Jeremiah is a young man with a passion for sports and broadcast journalism. He has gotten a bit of attention online after being spotted on sidelines interviewing athletes. 

The driven young man goes into extraordinary detail about how he first got into sports reporting and his clear career path. Jeremiah is a very knowledgeable and impressive child who speaks with the authority and clarity of someone well beyond his age. 

Jennifer and Jeremiah talked about his love for his parents, his tie collection and the Las Vegas Raiders. Jennifer surprises Jeremiah with a new tie and a package of various Raiders gifts. 

Then, right before the end of the segment, Jeremiah surprises Jennifer with a request. He asks if they can sing a song together! 

“Hold up, before we go, I know I’m a journalist, but can I step out of my lane a little bit?” Jeremiah asks. “Because I don’t know if I’m ever going to get this opportunity again. Can we sing a song together?”

Both Jennifer and the audience love Jeremiah’s surprise request!

Seconds later, Jeremiah and Jennifer sing a duet to “Walk With Me, Lord.”

Jeremiah and Jennifer sing the first few lines together then the young man hilariously directs the “Dreamgirls” star when to take over.

“Your turn,” Jeremiah tells Jennifer. She then gives an impromptu performance of the gospel song as the studio audience claps along.

It’s clear that God has big things in store for Jeremiah! It will be fun to see what Jeremiah accomplishes in life. 

3 John 1:4 “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.”

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