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‘The Hill’ Dennis Quaid Stars In True Story of Inspiring Baseball Star

‘The Hill’ Dennis Quaid Stars In True Story of Inspiring Baseball Star

Dennis Quaid stars in the inspiring and moving film “The Hill,” about one man’s improbable journey to professional baseball.

Many children grow up envisioning hitting the last-second shot to win the big game or slamming a home run in the bottom of the ninth. Being a professional athlete, competing against the best of the best is something most of the population would love to do. However, only a privileged few ever reach that level of competition.

“The Hill,” a new film is about one man, Rickey Hill, who despite his obvious physical challenges, persisted and persevered to achieve his dream of playing Major League Baseball.

From a very early age, it was clear that Rickey had a very apparent love and talent for baseball. However, in the opening seconds of the trailer for the new and upcoming film, Rickey has a pronounced disability, which will make playing the game challenging. He has braces on both legs. But that doesn’t stop him from hitting the baseball miles. 

In the film, Dennis plays Rickey’s father, James Hill, who tries to save his son from hurt and embarrassment. James tries to talk sense into his young and overly ambitious son.

“You can’t play baseball,” James tells Rickey. “You’re going to get ridiculed and you’re going to wind up with an injury that you’ll never get over. God’s going to give you a higher calling.”

Despite all the negativity and the naysayers, Rickey continues playing the game he loves, excelling in ways no one thought possible. However, Rickey’s condition remains at the forefront of his and his family’s mind. Rickey learns that the bones in his legs are “rapidly depleting.” 

A scene near the end of the trailer shows Rickey sitting in a church pew, with tears in his eyes, asking the Lord for protection and guidance.

“I cannot do this alone,” Rickey says.

The film is written by the same person who penned “Hoosiers” and “Rudy.” “The Hill” is rated PG for “thematic content, language, and smoking throughout.”

James 1:12 “There is a blessing on the man who undergoes testing; because, if he has God’s approval, he will be given the crown of life, which the Lord has said he will give to those who have love for him.”

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