'Jesus Revolution' Kelsey Grammar Stars In Film On The Great 1970s Spiritual Awakening

From a radio show host in Frasier to a pastor at the pulpit, Jesus Revolution’s Kelsey Grammar stars in a film on the Great 1970’s Spiritual Awakening. Coming to the theaters early 2023 and with a bunch of big-name actors, this movie is one to see! 

The film tells the true story of how Greg Laurie, played by Joel Courtney, became a Christian at the age of 17 during “The Jesus Movement.” Though many today do not remember this exciting and fascinating time in American history, Pastor Laurie lived it, and his experiences all those years ago led him to become a believer. 

Today, he serves as the Senior Pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship, which is the 3rd largest church in California and the 8th largest body of believers in America. Harvest has 15,000 members. Harvest indeed!

As the clip begins, we are introduced to bike-riding teen Greg, who is coaxed—seemingly, without much effort—to head out of town for a rowdy weekend. Quickly, we meet Pastor Chuck Smith, portrayed by Kelsey Grammar, who is feeling disconcerted and mildly disgusted by the hippies that are all over the evening news. 

But, there appears to be a PD (pastor’s daughter) prepared to call out Dad for his judgemental vibe. (Think Shaw versus Ariel in Footloose!)

Pastor Smith’s church is dying, but there are a lot of souls out there to be saved. That’s where Lonnie Frisbee comes in. Lonnie is a dynamic preacher, but he’s dressed and living as a hippie and finding his followers in the streets. Jonathan Roumie, of The Chosen, stars as Lonnie. 

Chuck, though initially reluctant, and Lonnie come together to minister to the large group of searching young people; however, Chuck faces objections from his traditional parishioners. They aren’t happy with the guests that are sharing their pews. No matter. Chuck has seen the light, and he and Lonnie are bringing it to lots and lots of people!

In the midst of their work is Greg Laurie, and the movie shares his story of salvation!

Jesus Revolution may very well have it all. Humor, conflict, healing, hope, romance, history, and pop culture fun all seem to make an appearance. This is one to put on your “must-see” list! 

For a quick chat between Greg Laurie himself and the actors that portray Chuck and Lonnie, check out this YouTube video. 

“Those who accepted his message were baptized, and about three thousand were added to their number that day.” Acts 2:41


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