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Comedian Shares Hilarious Communion He'll Never Take Again

Comedian Shares Hilarious Communion He'll Never Take Again

You have to check out this video of a comedian sharing his hilarious communion story and saying how he’ll never take it that way again.

“We went through the craziest time of our lives. We survived. If you’re here, you survived,” says Dennis Gaxiola at the start of his comedy skit. “And we did things the last couple of years we will never do again. I’ll never forget when the pandemic hit, it was right before Easter. My pastor sent out an email, because in California, they closed the churches. He said, ‘We’re doing Easter online. And for communion, we’re going to use whatever you have at home.”

That’s when the audience starts to giggle. “I don’t think I’ll ever take communion again from a NyQuil shot glass, with prune juice and a Flaming Hot Cheeto for the body,” says Dennis. Now the audience has erupted into laughter after picturing that unusual communion spread.

Dennis then goes on to talk about his son and some funny stories that he has about him. He starts off by telling the audience about how his son lost a tooth right before Christmas.

“He asked me, ‘Dad, will the tooth fairy and Santa show up the week of Christmas?” shared Dennis. “I said, ‘Son, you’re 27. Start flossing and stop calling me, all right?’”

The caption of the YouTube video also explains some of the funny stories that you’ll hear in Dennis Gaxiola’s comedy set.

“Watching a Hallmark Movie can be dangerous, especially if what happened to Dennis Gaxiola happens to you!” reads the caption. “In this hilarious comedy special from Dennis Gaxiola, Dennis talks about watching a Hallmark Movie with his wife, dropping out of bible school, and a myriad of other topics that are sure to have you laughing from start to finish.”

We hope that this comedy video was able to tickle your funny bone today!

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